D Center at University of Washington

A disabled student center run by and for disabled, chronically ill, deaf, mad and/ or neurodivergent students at the UW. A space for disabled students to meet, build community, share skills, create events and create disability culture and activism on campus.

University of Washington, Mary Gates Hall 024
206-685-0949 • Email

Hearing Speech and Deaf Center

Provides services that empower Deaf and hard of hearing people to live independent and productive lives with full access to rights, privileges, and opportunities. Assists clients in understanding and obtaining appropriate accommodations needs in accordance with the ADA.

hsdc.org • 1625 19th Ave E, Seattle, WA
206-323-5770 • Email

NorthWest Access Fund

Provides funding to people with disabilities in Washington and Oregon to purchase assistive technology and achieve greater independence.

nwaccessfund.org • 1437 South Jackson Street, Suite #302 Seattle 98144
206-328-5116 (Phone) / 206-328-5126 (Fax) / 1-888-494-4775 (TTY)

RAD Care

Radical Accessible & Decolonizing Community Care works to provide better services to those most disenfranchised by society (QTPOCs who also have disabilities, who are also sex workers, are active drug users, are homeless and/or participate in street economies) through leadership and economic opportunities.

radicalcare.org • Email

Seattle Public Library Equal Access Program (LEAP)

Provides adaptive equipment and specialized library programs for blind, deaf, deaf-blind, hard-of-hearing, visually-impaired and other special needs patrons to participate in library activities and access library information.

1000 4th Avenue, Level 1, Seattle • 206-615-1380 • Email