Updating ID Documents

How to Change Your Name in King County

File a Petition for Name Change with a clerk in a King County District Court. Bring your Photo ID. Effective October 9, 2015, the King County District Court fee for name changes is $171 cash only. Additional certified copies are $5 per copy.

For official instructions, visit: kingcounty.gov/courts/district-court/name-changes.aspx

How to Change Your Gender Designation on Your Driver’s License in Washington

Complete the “Change of Gender Designation Request” PDF form and pay a $10 fee for an updated card. The form requires a licensed physician to complete the second half, but does not require any specific gender-related or surgical treatment. If you need to find a physician to complete this form for you, please refer to the health clinic links.

For official instructions, visit: dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/genderchange.html

How to Change Your Birth Certificate in Washington

The State of Washington allows you to change your name and gender on your birth certificate without any requirements of clinical treatment. You must submit a letter with your personal contact information and a letter from your physician, or a certified court order of your correct name/gender.

For official instructions, visit: doh.wa.gov

How to Change Your U.S. Passport

Changing the gender marker on your passport is a similar process to changing your Washington State driver’s license, including a letter from your physician.

Changing your name on your existing passport requires providing a court order for name change.

For instructions on changing your U.S passport, check out this link.

For information on how to change your Social Security card, check out this link.
How to Update Your Name and ID