Your Rights in Washington State

The Washington Law Against Discrimination (WLAD) protects trans people from violence, threats, and bullying in public school, and from discrimination based on gender expression or gender identity (actual or perceived) in:

  • Public accommodations (such as restaurants, hotels, and public schools)
  • Housing (renting, buying, selling)
  • Employment in public workplaces, and private workplaces with 8+ employees
  • Credit transactions (such as loans and credit cards)
  • Insurance transactions (such as health insurance)

The Washington State Human Rights Commission (HRC) investigates civil rights complaints under WLAD.

On the county level, King County bans discrimination in places of public accommodation, housing, employment, and education. On the city level, both Seattle and Burien ban discrimination in places of public accommodation, housing, and employment.

If you or someone you know has experienced discrimination due to sex, gender, or gender identity/expression, legal advocates can help you to take legal action. Find out more about legal support services, or contact one of the offices on this page to initiate a complaint.

Information adapted from the ACLU of Washington State.